Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UPDATE of 2nd JCCSG Event


The following is just to give you an updated overview of the upcoming event

The Event which will be held on Monday, Parshas Toldes, November 21, at the Continental hall, 75 Rutledge St. Brooklyn NY 11211, at 8:00pm Sharp.

Dr. George will talk about "How to treat IBD rationally" he will cover the medical AND the diet field.

Followed by a Question & Answer forum! You can call us 718-63-JCCSG (718-635-2274) or email us @ with your questions. And will try to take some questions live as well.

Harav Eisneberger Shlita will talk in Yiddish in the subject of "You have Crohn's, Crohn's doesn't have you..."

We look forward in greeting you on Monday!

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