Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CLARIFICATION on the JCCSG Event Feb. 16

A Giten,

We hereby inform you that the third "JCCSG Education & Support Event" to be held in Kiryas Yoel on This Thursday, February 16th, at "The Terrace On Forest", (Shopping Center Hall), 51 Forest Rd., 2nd Floor, Monroe NY 10950, will be for Men and Women (Separate Seating...). 

The Program will start at 8:00pm SHARP! Please be so kind and stick to this time there
by encouraging everything to run timely!

Since we got lots of phone calls and emails of people with this questions due to some unclear advertisements, we would like to ask you to please spread this info to all Patients & their families you know.

Reminder: You can still email or call us with your questions for Dr. George.

We are cordially awaiting your presence!

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