Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Update of JCCSG Event #4 *Sponsored by "Supreme Health Food Center"*


As an update, we would like to inform you that at our Event which is sponsored by "Supreme Health Food Center", will follow after the Doctor's & Nutritionist's speeches, a 'Yiddish' Spiritual speech of the highly respected and well-known electrifying speaker Harav Reb Benzion Katz Shlita, The Jibow Rav of Boro Park

 דרשה נפלאה ודברי חיזוק

הרב הגאון הצדיק המפורסם, פה מפיק מרגליות
רבי בנציון כ"ץ שליט"א
אב"ד זשיבוי - בארא פארק

The Program will start at 7:30pm SHARP! Please be so kind and stick to this time thereby encouraging everything to run timely!

Since due to technical issues we missed some deadlines of advertising in some papers, we would like to ask you to please spread this info to all Patients & their families you know.

Reminder: You can still email or call us with your questions for Dr. Marion.

Visit for more info about our great sponsor! 

We are cordially awaiting your presence!

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