Monday, February 4, 2013

CD's of JCCSG Event #4

Hi All,

The CD of our January 7 event is available at all the "Keren Shmiel Shaya" Kiosk & locations. 

For more info about a location in your area please call:

  • Track1
הרב אלעזר דוד פאללמאן, יו"ר
  • Track 2
Mr. Jeffrey Justin, President CCFA
  •  Track 3 & 4 
Dr. James Marion, MD
  •  Track 5 & 6 
Questions & Answers by Dr. Marion
  •  Track 7 & 8 
Joshua Zell, RD
  •  Track 9 &10 
פה מפיק מרגליות
הגה"צ רבי בנציון כ"ץ שליט"א
אב"ד דשיבוי - בארא פארק

At the request of many people, we are again offering CD's of our previous three events. you can get is as a MP3 Format by sending us an email or you can pick it up for a low cost of $2 at the Keren Shmiel Shaya offices.

In the same vein we are tuned into working out a workshop for parents of young kids or teens suffering from Crohn's or Colitis, much desired inspiration and Chizuk can be so beneficial for these parents. should you have any suggestions or ideas regarding such a workshop please don't hesitate to contact us. we need your advice!

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