Thursday, November 21, 2013

CD's Update * New Webcast: "Newly diagnosed? What to expect" by the CCFA

Hello Everyone, 

We received a call from Keren Shmiel Shaya, that the CD's were delayed again, and it will be at all the Shuls, Kiosk and locations on Tuesday, November 26.

For more info about a location, or to check if they have it, please call Keren Shmiel Shaya Offices:

  • Williamsburg:
  1. Office - 111 Lynch St. - 718-302-1014
  2. Weinstock Judaica - 650 Bedford Ave. - 718-705-7226
  • Borough Park:
  1. The Kiosk on 13 - 5311 13th Ave., 1 flight up - 347-627-6060
  2. 1350 53rd St. - 347-678-3055
  • Kiryas Yoel, Monroe:
  1. Office - 7 Meron Dr. - 845-782-8369
  • Monsey:
  1. 19 Phyllis Terrace, Basement - 845-521-9758
We apologize!


As always we try to provide as much information and education to our group members, therefore we are excited to inform you about an New Webcast Series: "Newly diagnosed? What to expect."
by our great friends at the CCFA (Crohns & Colitis Foundation of America).

The path to diagnosis of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) can be long and challenging. Once diagnosed, patients must come to terms with having a chronic disease while managing symptoms and any side effects of treatment. This comprehensive two-part webcast will cover important topics such as tests to expect, the role of diet and nutrition, and how to work with your healthcare team. This new series is free to view, and available on-demand. Register and watch this webcast today!
Presented by:
William H. Holderman, MD
Digestive Health Specialists
Tacoma, WA

Part I topics:
Overview of IBD, including the differences between Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
How IBD is diagnosed
Tests to expect down the road
Working with your healthcare team

Part II topics:
Treatments for IBD, including medications and surgery
The role of diet and nutrition in IBD
Available CCFA resources

This presentation will be available to audience members until October 31, 2014 at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

This program is supported by:

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