Thursday, January 28, 2016

Research firm looking for feedback from Crohn’s Patients in paid study

Shapiro+Raj, a medical market research firm, wants to talk with individuals with Crohn’s Disease as part of a paid, 60-minute phone with internet discussion aimed at facilitating understanding of your journey with Crohn’s Disease.

Participation is confidential, for research purposes ONLY. It is not related with sales. They follow the deidentification standard under HIPAA, as well as other security and privacy measures.

This is NOT a clinical trial. Participation will not involve any change to your treatment regimen. And they are specifically looking for Crohn’s patients who have never used a Biologic.

There is a considerable honorarium included for completion of a study, a payment of $125.00.

Slots available from Tuesday, February 2 to Thursday February 4.

To see if you qualify and to set up a convenient time, please call 312-321-8102. Reference project #683-909. Or visit:
Or send us an email to with the subject: 'Shapiro+Raj Study', and will have them contact you.

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