Monday, January 23, 2017

Audio of the CrownHeights Event

Dear member,

Sorry for the delay... Attached is a link to download the recording of the event in Crownheights. Or you can pick up a CD at all ‘קרן שמואל ישעי - Keren Shmiel Shaya kiosk and Shul locations. For the low cost of $5.00.

  1. Event Moderator: Comedian Mendy Pellin
  2. Optimizing current therapies for IBD: Dr. David Hudesman, Director of IBD, Tisch NYU Hospital.
  3. Mendy Pellin
  4. Upcoming treatments in the Pipeline: Dr. Simon Lichtiger, Director of IBD, Columbia Hospital.
  5. Mendy Pellin
  6. Diets and Natural supplements in IBD: Dr. Garrett Lawlor, Associate Director of IBD, Columbia Hospital
  7. Dr. Eli Rosen, Crown-Heights physician
  8. Personal Story: Mendy Pellin
  9. Surgical treatment of IBD: when its needed & what are the options: Dr. Feza Remzi, Director of IBD, NYU Langone Medical Center.
  10. Pediatric IBD: Developing and Growth: Dr. Nancy Pittman, Pediatric, Gastroenterology, Mount Sinai Hospital
  11. Question and Answer session and a five doctors panel

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