Friday, July 22, 2011

Next Step


We know it has been a long time since we made our first event, and was very successful, but we're just letting you know that we didn't sleep till now, in the meantime we made a lot of research and we also answered all the phone calls and tried to help out a lot of people regarding Doctors, diets, ideas and Chizuk.
Now we're on the next step of arranging another event, but we need your help regarding it, so we would like to ask you the following:

  1. If now in the summer is a good timing? (Will try to work out that the women in country should be able to listen to it) If not, should we make it before Yom Tov or rather after Yom Tov?
  2. What topic do you need more? Doctor? Nutritionist? Spiritual/Chizuk speech?
  3. If we have to change location or Williamsburg again is also good?
We got already a very highly respected Ruv who is a well known great speaker who is ready to come and give us the Chizuk we need.

Again, we would like to thank you all for all the help we got from you people. A lot of people spoke to other people giving them ideas, Chizuk and even just a plain talk was also a big help for others.

Please let us know your opinion so we should be able to go ahead with our plans.

If you feel you can better express your self over the phone feel free to contact us. or you can post your opinion as a comment (and as anonymous)

Git Shabbos!