Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And here we are after our second event


We owe a tremendous amount of thankfulness to you our people who attended and participated in our last event. Only with your cooperation has this event proven to be the success with over 300 people participated.

Some very selfless individuals who sacrificed their time and money have to be acknowledged with utmost gratification.

First and foremost Harav R' Chaim  Mayer Hager, for having a mutual understanding to all people suffering with Crohns & Colitis, and helping us guiding them to the right Doctors etc. and being here for us ALL the time.

Yossi Steinmetz of Yes Studios and his wife devoted their precious time to record the speeches for free of charge.

(he can be reached @ 718-576-1769,

R' Yankey Hirsch and his wife and the entire staff, for so gladly granting the Continental Hall which enhanced the evening greatly.

R' Eliezer Dovid Follman for his incredible input. we feel extremely grateful for conducting the entire evening with his powerful and meaningful words. David, you did it again!

Shimon Ozer Teller and his wife, for being here to help us, especially with arranging the speech of Harav Tauber.


CD's and DVD's will be sold in the future, anticipate further details. if you are also in need of the first event, please Respond via email.

Enclosed you will find survey regarding the event, please devote some time to answer. your opinion is highly valued.

We would like to ask you again, advertising is costing us a fortune, so if you know of any Crohn's patient, let them know about us, he should be able to be on our mailing list.

We thank you again to all very dear recipients for enhancing the event to its highest caliber. Thank you!

Monday, November 21, 2011



This is just a friendly reminder to tonight's crucial workshop taking place at The Continental Hall, 75 Rutledge St. Brooklyn NY 11211, at 8:00pm promptly.

Your presence will greatly enhance the event. Come and be inspired. and please try to be on time so we should be able to start and end on time.

We hope to greet you personally.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

CHANGE of Speaker

A Gita Voch,

We would like to inform you that due to unforeseen schedule change, Harav Eisenberger Shlita will not be able to attend and speak on Monday. (Harav Eisenberger will Iy"h be enhancing one of our next events).

However, with utmost gratitude to Hashem we have accomplished the prominent world renowned speaker Harav Ezriel Tauber Shlita to take his place.

Reminder: you can still email or call us with your questions for Dr. George.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UPDATE of 2nd JCCSG Event


The following is just to give you an updated overview of the upcoming event

The Event which will be held on Monday, Parshas Toldes, November 21, at the Continental hall, 75 Rutledge St. Brooklyn NY 11211, at 8:00pm Sharp.

Dr. George will talk about "How to treat IBD rationally" he will cover the medical AND the diet field.

Followed by a Question & Answer forum! You can call us 718-63-JCCSG (718-635-2274) or email us @ with your questions. And will try to take some questions live as well.

Harav Eisneberger Shlita will talk in Yiddish in the subject of "You have Crohn's, Crohn's doesn't have you..."

We look forward in greeting you on Monday!

Update of 2nd JCCSG Event

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

UPDATE Next Event

A Giten,

As we announced two weeks ago we were working on another "Education & Support Event" arranged by the "Jewish Crohn's & Colitis Support Group".

Here we are with the details:

The event will take place on Monday Parshes Toldos, November 21, at "The Continental" 75 Rutledge St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 11211.

We will have the honor that the famous Dr. James George, MD, PH, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital, of the well known Dr. Kornbluth, Dr. George, Dr. Legnani office, will be attending and talking.

Followed by a 'Yiddish' Spiritual speech of the highly respected Harav HaGuan Reb Binyuman Eisenberger Shlita, Ruv Heichel HaTafila in Boro Park.

Also we would like to ask you to please spread the word about it (you probably know some people who are not on our mailing list)

For comments and suggestions (or to offer help) feel free to contact us anytime by email or phone.