Friday, December 28, 2012


A Giten Erev Shabbos,

Here we are with some more details of our next JCCSG Education & Support event.

The event will take place on Monday פרשת וארא, January 7, 2013. at The Continental Hall, 75 Rutledge St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 11211. starting at 7:30 pm Sharp!

We will have the honor that the Famous Dr. James F. Marion, MD, Gastroenterology, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital. (of the well known Dr. Present & Dr. Chapman office) will be attending an addressing the issue of: "IDB - Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask..."
Followed by a Questions & Answer forum!
You can call us or email us with your questions, and we will take some questions live as well.

Followed by "IBD and Nutrition" by Dr. Joshua Zell, RD, Kingsbrook Jewish medical Center.
The program includes: 
*Role of Nutrition, 
*Overview of Diets used by IBD Patients, 
*Eating well with IBD, 
*Tools and Nutrition resources.

Followed by a "Yiddish" spiritual speech of a highly respected Ruv. (more details to follow)


For comments and suggestions feel free to contact us anytime by phone or email.

Also we would like to ask again and again.. please help us spread the word... you probably know people which are not on our mailing list.

Have a Good Shabbos! and will keep you updated!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

JCCSG Event #4 Ad

Hi All,

Please help us spread the word about our upcoming Event. attached is an Ad we publicized, We will have another one with all the details and information. in the meantime please forward it to people you know that might benefit from it, and if possible please hang this ad by your Doctors Office (ask them before if its a problem...) or wherever you feel its right.

If you need it as a PDF file please contact us.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Update: JCCSG Event #4

Hi All,

Here we are with our update! our postponed event has been rescheduled on Monday, January 7, 2013.

Please reserve the date! and help us spread the word!

More details will follow!

For comments and suggestions (or to help us out) feel free to contact us anytime by email or phone number. And please share with us!