Friday, May 17, 2013

World IBD Day - May 19

World IBD Day, led by patient organizations representing 36 countries on four continents, is officially celebrated on May 19. 

World IBD Day is a global event and in order to reach as many people as possible, we need your help.We are aware that everyone supporting World IBD Day has different needs and priorities, so to help focus your activities, we have identified three ‘levels’ of engagement which you may wish to undertake as you design your local 2013 World IBD Day programme.


General public:

We invite you to use the following activities to engage your network and the wider general public of your country on issues surrounding IBD and thus to raise awareness about the disease on World IBD Day:

  • - Social media channels: engage with your network via your Twitter / Facebook pages (please add a link to the World IBD Day website).

General public / IBD patient organisations and partners

  • - Add to the World IBD Website map of events and activities - Please share what you will be doing on / around World IBD Day. The site is visited by media, individuals and organisations worldwide - therefore this is a great place to let the world know what you have planned – no matter how big or small.

    - Engage with your corporate sponsors and other corporate or not-for-profit organisations in your country to encourage their support in World IBD Day. They could help by organising fund raising activities on your behalf and/or by using World IBD Day messaging in their internal and external communications mechanisms (newsletters, websites etc).
  • - Host a screening of  a video on IBD:
  • Many of the World IBD Day partner organisations have produced videos, which highlight in an interesting and powerful way of what it means to live with IBD. You are invited to show any of these videos during your World IBD Day activities.
  • - The Norwegian patient association has produced a video (5.54 minutes) highlighting what it means to live with IBD. The association challenged Bent Hoie (a health care politician and leader of the Standing Committee on Health and Care Services in the Norwegian Parliament) to live one day “with IBD”. Mr Hoie received through SMS messages instructions from IBD patients on what he had to do. It was an experience far more challenging than he had imagined...
    Please visit this link:
  • - Following the IMPACT survey EFCCA has organized a video lasting 6.32 minutes with patients testimonials on how IBD has affected their lives.
Advocacy push
Lobby your national policy makers and Ministers of Health, to accelerate the disease burden recognition and to optimize standards of care for patients with IBD.  

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